Football Fifa Rankings Generated Live With Team Profiles And Charts

The FIFA World Ranking is an official football ranking system that shows the progress and current ability of the national teams. This ranking compares the national A-teams while it tries to seed competition. Therefore, for every game that a team plays for four years, the team usually gets points. In the FIFA ranking calculation, it usually includes games like the friendly games, continental championship games, and World Cup matches.

However, the points that the teams get are not stable because the quantity of point solely depends on some factors which include the match result, the status of the game, the strength of the opposition strength and the regional strength.

Provided a match is termed to be decent, for every win a team gets three points, for a draw a team receives one point and for every loss a team obtains zero points. If a game ends with a penalty shootout, the team that wins usually receives two points while the losing team gets one point.

Fifa ranking takes into account the importance of different matches accorded by the teams. The most weighted match by the teams being the World Cup and the lowest weighted game being the friendly matches. Therefore, for the match status, they usually consider the type of game that the teams are playing and the by use of a multiplication factor of one to four they award points. For instance is it is a friendly match, then the team will get one point while a world cup qualifier gets two point five. But then again if a team plays for a confederation game it gets three points whereas if it plays for a World Cup games, it gets four points.

Moving on to opposition strength factor a team only gains more points if the opponent team is stronger, that is, if it wins against a highly ranked opponent, it gets more points unlike when it wins against a lowly rated opponent. Hence, the points for this opposition strength will be from the previous ranking of the opponent team using the multiplication factor will be between 0.50 and 2.00.

In addition to the opposition strength, the fifa world ranking assigns a multiplication factor of approximately 0.85 to 1.00 to the strength of confederation. Moreover, before getting the total points for the team, FIFA ranking usually takes a four-year window into consideration. That is, matches for the last forty-eight months are included in the calculation. Consequently, a team can be disqualified from the FIFA ranking temporarily if it does not play within those four years. But once the team plays in another match, it is reinstated.

Therefore, the values of the above factors are multiplied and added to the points from the previous games in the four years to get the points for the FIFA rankings.

However, the FIFA ranking does not take into account the differences in goals, stakes and the home-field advantage.